ysl-baby-doll-mascara, ysl-baby-doll-mascara-swatch


ysl-baby-doll-mascara, ysl-baby-doll-mascara-swatch
I haven’t purchased a high end mascara for the longest time and whilst buying yet another unnecessary lip product over at the YSL counter in Boots I ended up walking away with the most recent mascara offering, Baby Doll. In no way did I need this mascara but the sales assistant tried it on me and my lashes looked so lovely that I couldn’t really resist.
I’ve always had quite short lashes that need a lot of mascara and if I go out on a night out, I have to wear lashes for I feel naked. I wish my lashes were long and beautiful but sadly they’re not. Has anyone noticed how amazing some guys lashes are – why? It’s not even fair.
This mascara comes with a plastic brush and the sales assistant told me it was designed with the British woman in mind. Y’know how we’re always coating our lashes for around 5 minutes before we’ve decided enough is enough? Now, I don’t know how accurate the sales assistant was but I like the original YSL Faux Cils Mascara so I didn’t take much cohersing.
By wiggling the brush back and forth at the roots it created great volume, almost as if I had eyeliner on my lash line without looking at all clumpy. My lashes looked longer, slightly curlier and my eyes more awake. When I look for a mascara I want volume, length and that wide-awake look and this mascara hit the nail on the head. I don’t think the photos are justifying how good it is! I’m almost at the stage where I could go out during the day without much eyeshadow, no liner and just this mascara. For someone with small eyes, that’s a hard thing to do.
I’m really impressed with this mascara and its reignited my love for high end lashes.
Have you tried this or any other YSL mascara?
Love, Katie xo
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