*waves* Hi, I’m Kate and I’m falling for YSL’s lipstick range. Never a truer word was spoken (except for Michael Fassbender being the sexiest sex god evahh).
Okay, enough gushing about my FB (Future Husband) and onto what we’re all here for – lipstick.
A couple of months ago I picked up the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Cool Guava and I immediately fell in love – the packaging, colour, scent and texture was spot on and just ticked every box for me. Of course this meant another YSL lip goodie was to be added to my collection not so long after. Enter, YSL Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink. This shade is a very blue toned, baby pink with a really creamy but pigmented and long lasting finish.
I’ll start by saying that this colour isn’t for everyone, it’s very blue toned and quite light in colour. I do find if I’m quite tanned that it looks a little too Barbie. At first I applied it a little too liberally and felt the colour didn’t really blend into my lips well or evenly. So, I blotted it down and applied it in small stokes and found this worked best. I really like this blotted down for a much more even and wearable look.
Shade aside – the formula of this is very creamy but is probably best thought of as a satin finish as it isn’t too glossy and it isn’t matte. It kind of just has a lovely pigmented sheen that lasts really well on the lips. It’s comfortable to the point where you forget it’s on your lips.
I’m definitely on the look out for some more YSL lipsticks, not that my collection of lipsticks needs to grow any further.
Have you tried any YSL lipsticks?
Love, Kate xo
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