Worth the hype? | Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits


Absolute pandemonium. That’s how I’d describe the reaction to the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. It’s no secret that the youngest of the Kardashian family – Kylie Jenner, has become the number one ‘IT girl‘ of recent years. It was a complete business no-brainer to capitalise on the popularity of Kylie’s infamous lips by developing a line of liquid lipsticks and liners and these have sold out within seconds numerous times with the need to re-stock seemingly never ending.

I love lipsticks and I love liquid lipsticks so of course I was intrigued by the kits and I was quick enough to get an order in at the beginning of February. I honestly don’t know how I managed it at all but I swiftly decided on 2 shades – Posie K and Candy K (both $29). I could have gone for a few more shades but y’now shipping costs creep up quick.

Candy K was one of the original 3 shades that launched a little while back and is the lightest of the nude/brown toned shades. Posie K is one of the newer launches and is a deep, dusky pink.


Price + Shipping

Let’s start with discussing the nitty gritty business of the price and shipping. The sets contain a liquid lipstick and an accompanying liner and retail at $29 which is approximately £20.29 which personally, I think is a really great price considering you’re getting 2 products in one kit. As I bought two kits, the shipping/tax came to $14.95 (£10.46) which was a little painful but I knew it would be around that price point as it was to be shipped from the US. For international orders, the shipping time is usually around 10-15 working days after a 3-5 working day processing time. I ordered on 5th February and my order arrived 16th which I was really impressed with as it was essentially just over a week.

Shade range

Originally, Kylie launched 3 brown/nude shades and has recently introduced 2 pink shades and a red into the mix. I’m glad she’s launched newer shades relatively quickly as brown can be a tricky colour to wear. I knew when I was ordering that I wanted to try one of each launch to get a good feel for the brand. I hope she brings out some berry and orange shades in the future. I was very happy with the shades I picked despite me worrying they’d be very similar. Posie K is a stunning colour that I think I will reach for more regularly and Candy K is the perfect brown toned nude for my colouring.



I love the packaging of the box which is really well thought out and the lip imagery is simply stunning. The actual product packaging is sleek but not necessarily luxe and has liquid type drips across the top where the lid meets the tube. The liners are sleek and the lids have an additional secure click for protection which I thought was a nice touch.

kylie-posie-k kylie-candy-k

Scent, texture and formula

I’d read a few reviews that confirmed the scent of the liquid lipsticks was initially really sweet – like overly vanilla cupcakes which at first smell I didn’t like but this does not transfer onto the application itself nor does it linger on the lips. The formula is quite watery but not runny and applies smoothly and opaque on the lips. It dries relatively quick down to a true matte finish. The lip liners are very smooth and opaque and softy fill the lips in without dragging or being too slippy. I think the formula of these are spot on.

Feel on the lips and wear time

I found the lip liners to apply nice and evenly with a lovely creamy texture that was comfortable on the lips. The liquid lipsticks apply just as well and dry down to a soft but dry matte finish. I thought I wouldn’t like the formula as I thought I’d find it too dry but it’s actually very comfortable on the lips and does not feel powdery or flakey. With regards to avoiding flakes, I would recommend not to rub the lips together and rather pat if you need to. The colour doesn’t require meshing into the lips as it applies so well and without streaks or settling into the lines of the lip. I exfoliate my lips regularly and I did so prior to applying which is the same process I would do with any other liquid lipstick. I think the wear time is really good with these, especially if you use the liner all over the lips first. It gives the liquid lipsticks a great base to cling to and I feel the colour fades nicely over the course of the day. One thing I have found is that you’re best completely removing the colour and re-applying if you want to touch up. It does touch up well, it can however dry your lips out.



I know the Kardashian family get a lot of stick for advertising products but I truly believe Kylie has put a lot of thought and testing into these lip kits and whether you like her or not, she’s got a good business head on her and this is just the tip of the iceberg for her going forward. If I’d designed and manufactured my own kits and they were as good as these, I’d be pretty darn proud of myself. I prefer the formula over a lot of liquid lipsticks I’ve tried and I think the liners are just as good and not an after thought as they could well have been.

I think it’s worth noting that none of the kits have been tested on animals and all shades (minus Candy K) are vegan. I’m quite tempted to try get Mary Jo K and Koko K next.

Worth the hype? Quite possibly even though the hype literally blows my mind.

Have you managed to try these?

Love, Kate xo