soz boobs.
Since I dyed my hair back a more natural colour, I’ve found myself really missing my extensions. When my hair was pink, I had two sets of extensions that I absolutely loved wearing especially for nights out. Sadly, they’re still pink and I just have to accept that phase of my life is now over. Hair drama queen. Whilst my hair attempts to grow and become healthier, I’ve been craving some clip-ins but couldn’t find any ombre ones that I really liked or matched.
The lovely people at Wonderful Hair contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their new 100% Human Hair Extension Clip-Ins* that aren’t available yet! I jumped at the chance and immediately said yes – the only issue was that they don’t currently have any ombre shades but after a little matching I was sent this 20” set which matches my blonde perfectly. When I say perfectly, I mean they’re dead on. Thankfully, they blend into my hair well and you can’t see any odd blonde clips near my brunette roots which was what worried me. A little bit of strategic placing and I’m good to go.
My hair is really thin so I find to make the extensions blend well, I need to use a lot of volumising products such as Bumble and bumble Thickening Dry Spun Finish to boost my hair and make it appear thicker. The pack came with 5 pieces – two 3 clip pieces, two 2 clip pieces and one single clip pice. As my own hair isn’t very thick, I could have probably done with a few more wefts but after trying these for a good two weeks, I’ve started to master the application.
In fact I may have gotten a little adventurous with it – for me anyway. More on that soon as I’ll be filming a video on how I style the extensions. The main way, as you can see from the photos is to add a slight bit of curl and that’s basically because straight extensions look, well pretty fake on me. I’ve always been a curly styled girl so this fits with my look much better.
The quality of these extensions is really good, they’re thick and extremely soft. I’m yet to wash these but I’ve a feeling they will wash well as long as I care for them properly.
So far, so good. In fact I’ve worn them pretty much everyday! Wonderful Hair are releasing these extensions early next year and they will be retailing for around £90.
How do you style your extensions?


Love, Katie xo
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