YOUTUBE | What’s in my bag? #2








My first ‘What’s In My Bag?‘ Video was posted last September so it seemed an appropriate time to do another one.














So, I emptied out my bag for you all to show you what I tend to carry with me on a day to day basis. My bag is the Zara City Bag which I’ve used for a good 6-7 months and absolutely adore. Sadly, I don’t think they still sell it but it was a really popular bag a while ago and I’d definitely say Zara does affordable, high quality almost designer like bags. Definitely worth checking out! I’ve now decided I want a new bag so maybe in a few months time you’ll see another one of these videos.

Jam packed with make up, especially lip products – it’s safe to say I pack only the necessities, right?


Do you like these kinds of videos? Also, what’s in your bag?


Love, Katie xo

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