I’ve decided to do a new weekly feature here on sugarfixxbeauty! Now, it’s not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination but I realise my blog is 95% reviews.

Whilst I feel thats something which I should be doing, sometimes I find it’s all I do. So, I’ve thought about it and a weekly feature is a good way of putting reviews all in one place – specifically for products that I’ve really been enjoying throughout the week.
I probably won’t do these every week as I can and will enjoy products for longer than a week – I’d like to hope anyway!
This product is an odd one – it aims to detox the skin overnight, targeting pores, complexion and texture to name but a few. I’d say it’s like a lotion treatment to that I tend to use on it’s own instead of a cream or oil on an evening. Firstly, I love the scent – like most Vichy products, it smells really good but what I’ve noticed more than anything is that it vacuums itself into my skin within seconds and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. What I find odd is that it seems to work extremely quickly for an overnight treatment. I like using this 2-3 times a week to keep my skin looking radiant and soft. I’ve only been using it for around 2 weeks but I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in oil from my t-zone!
I love this brand for skincare, in fact I have 3 products in my current skincare rotation. When it gets to the spring/summer months, my skin takes a bit of a battering and whilst I avoid hay fever, my skin is prone to becoming itchy and red due to the pollen and change in the weather. As a result, I’ve been needing to use products for more sensitive skin and this moisturiser has been working wonders (no pun intended). It’s super lightweight which I love because it doesn’t feel heavy and it sinks in quickly. Furthermore, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soothed all in one go. Look out for this in my next monthly favourites!
An oldie but a goodie. My hairs been feeling a little more dry and frazzled than usual, not sure why as I try to use as many nourishing products as possible. This 3-5 minute mask has been brought back into my hair routine and I use it at least twice a week and I’ve noticed a difference in my hair’s texture and softness – especially on the ends. This is a great drugstore range as it’s so affordable and lasts such a long time.
Despite the brand being new to me, I’ve found myself reaching for this balm on a night time when my skin allergies are at their worst. You may have noticed in past videos that I have a section of eczema on my neck and wrists, this flares up during the spring/summer and this balm has been working really well at soothing and reducing the dry patches on my body. I tend to scratch the backs of my knees/inner elbows like a mad woman but this has really helped me restrain myself. The tea-tree gets deep into the skin and stops the itch and redness.
God love CT make up, right? I finally got my first blush and I am so in love! The idea is to use the outside ring on the back of your cheek and the centre for a ‘pop’ on the apples of your cheek. The product is well pigmented, blends beautifully and really lasts on the skin. Not only that but it really lifts and brightens the skin like no other blush. This shade is great for any make up as it’s one that suits a dark smokey eye, a bright lip, minimal make up – the list is endless. Oh and do I need to mention the packaging?
After trying an eyeshadow from their make up line, I just had to try a Burberry lipstick! The Lip Mists are lightweight, sheer colour that really hydrate and nourish the lips. I’ve found myself reaching for this shade on days where I just want a swipe of colour and some hydration. The packaging is gorgeous and the lipstick is equally as lovely. If you’re a sheer lip kinda gal – this is definitely worth a swatch.
How exciting that we can now get LA Girl in the UK! Can you also believe that this palette, which is giving me Naked 3 vibes is just £6? I love this palette, it’s very dupable to the Urban Decay one in that the shades are very similar but they’re also extremely pigmented (especially the darker shades) and I actually prefer some of the shades to the UD one! They blend really well, have minimal fall down and really last on my eyelids.
What have you been loving this week?
Love, Kate xo
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