I’m always one for bigger, blacker and badder lashes so when Urban Decay released their Perversion Mascara (£17.00) which promises such lashes, I had to pick it up. I’d tried their Super Curling Mascara a few years back and really enjoyed that. I picked up the limited edition Perversion/Subversion Set which included a deluxe sample of their Subversion Primer (£15.00 full size) for no extra cost. Pretty good deal right?

I’ve dabbled with primers over the years and I was rather excited to try the Urban Decay offering. As you can see the primer works to pre-coat your lashes with white based fibres to add thickness and length prior to applying your main mascara. I definitely think this makes a difference to my lashes!
Now, onto the main event – the Perversion Mascara. I’m kind of in the middle with this mascara and believe me, I have tried to like it. I even went so far as to leave it for a while to dry out a bit.
This mascara is seriously wet. To the point where it clumps my lashes together (and not in a good way) so it takes a lot more effort to apply than it really should. Instead of swiping the brush across my lashes as I normally would, I end up having to tentatively apply it and ensure there’s as little product on the wand as possible.
That being said, it does give quite a bit of volume and length but it isn’t worth the hassle of being overly cautious. Maybe it’ll improve after more time?
What’s your go-to mascara?
Love, Kate xo
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