Well it was only a matter of time before I made a Tom Ford purchase right?
It was hard to decide on a shade – did I risk going bright and only wear it occasionally or go nude and risk ridding the bullet of it’s TF logo? In the end, after many swatches I picked up Summer Fling from the latest Spring 2014 collection – a glistened light pink that applies quite opaque but has a translucency about it.
Surprise surprise, another light pink shade! I honestly don’t know why but I go in full on magpie mode when it comes to pink lips. It’s a disease.
So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty – Tom Ford lipsticks are extortionate. £36 for a lip stick is absolutely crazy but then, so am I. It was a Valentine’s Day present to myself last month. Now if you’re a Single Sally like myself, when better a time to spoil yourself with a crazy purchase?
The packaging is absolutely beautiful and so sleek and definitely feels extremely luxe, and rightly so. For the Spring 2014 collection the packaging is white with gold trim rather than the usual black with gold. I like that the packaging is heavy and has a great click when opening and closing. That’s what it’s all about, a good click right? I jest.
The formula of this is very light on the lips meaning it’s extremely comfortable to wear. I find the product quite hydrating and smooth on the lips. The colour is a soft, light pink but it has a lovely glimmer through it giving a really lovely shine without looking like a disco ball.
I’m really impressed with this lipstick, although I do feel that I’m a bit scared of using it which kind of defeats the purpose right? #bloggerproblems.
I kind of wish I’d gone for a much bolder shade instead of playing it safe.
Have you ventured into the world of Tom Ford make up?
Love, Katie xo
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