One doesn’t pop Molly, one rocks Tom Ford


Ah Tom Ford. The name alone strikes fear in my bank account. I only splurge on the brand at a certain time of the year. That time of year that weakens my cold heart…yup. Valentine’s Day. Clearly, I need to get myself a boyfriend because this yearly splurge is borderline ridiculous and should be avoided.

However, the damage has been done and the only way to make peace with this hefty total is by enabling everyone else right?


I spent quite some time perusing the counter – swatching and removing, swatching and removing before settling on 4 completely overpriced items. I knew I wanted to try the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen in Deeper (£43) after seeing rave reviews all over the place. I totally justified it by admitting to myself that it was dual ended and therefore worth the price tag. I am a complete eyeliner pen convert so this one really appealed to me and was surprisingly the first item I picked up. One end of the pen is a tiny, dense brush and the other, a longer more flexible brush thus giving the option of many an eyeliner look. I’ve just about mastered the winged liner but like many, this usually gets evened out to a super thick, OTT line – much to my dismay. Anyway, liner woes aside this pen is pretty fabulous. It is wonderfully pigmented and black which is rule no1 when falling for an eyeliner. The packaging is great because it’s not only gorgeous but the pen is weighted really well for a precise and easy application. I’ve found the smaller brush applies slightly glossier than the other end but both are even in colour and dry extremely quickly for a smudge proof finish – seriously, does not budge. The liner doesn’t bleed or transfer onto my brow bone either plus the colour does not fade at all – success!


Onto an item that I’d been eying up for what feels like a millennium – the Tom Ford Skin Illumnating Powder Duo in Moodlight (£57) because I’ll admit, I’m the biggest highlighter horder out there. I just cannot get enough of that shimmery, glowy goodness and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, ok? Ok. I’m sure you’ll snigger at this following comment but I’ve already accepted that – this is totally different to any other highlighter in my collection. Why? It’s hard to explain in the form of words but the lighter shade is rather subtle but looks incredibly natural but lifting on the cheekbones. I’m not talking that outer space highlight, it’s something…more. It looks like my skin has been photoshopped and it’s extremely flattering. I couldn’t photograph a swatch that could justify it. The shimmer is tiny, beautiful flecks of silver, gold and pink that gives me that heart eyed emoji feel. The more coppery, bronze toned shade is more opaque and in your face with a real rose gold tone and it’s equally as beautiful but there’s something about them combined that I am totally besotted with. The finish is almost liquid in sheen but with the softness of a finely milled powder of perfection.

tom-ford-pink-dusk tom-ford-swatch


Highlighter orgasm over and what would a Tom Ford haul be without some lip products? I mean that would be an absolute sin. I decided another nude/pink lipstick was needed in my collection and picked up the Lip Color in Pink Dusk (£38) which made me realise, I really do need to get back on the bright lip hype because I’m somewhat stuck in a nude/pink limbo. I don’t think I need to give you an in-depth review of the lip color because I’ve featured them before. They’re incredible. End of.

I think it’s the lack of colour in my life that pushed me to pick up one of the Patent Finish Lip Color in Orchid Fatale (£38) a bright deep berry toned fuchsia shade that is absolutely stunning. I loved the opaque gloss feel (despite it being a little patchy and taking some work) and the click-pen but I’ve found this doesn’t last that long on the lips and can somewhat crumble away leaving a stain but I think re-applying regularly is key. I probably wouldn’t wear this all day as it doesn’t have that kind of longevity but I think I’ll road test it properly on a night out and see how it wears. I kind of regret purchasing this as it’s not of the usual calibre that I expect from Tom Ford and at £38 a pop – it’s a pricey regret.

What Tom Ford products have you been eying up?

Love, Kate xo