I know it. Kanye (probably) knows it.
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper is a gift from the liner gods. I could stop the post there but that wouldn’t be fair to this wonderful product.
Whilst in Sydney, freakin’ Sephora opened and I spent some serious dollar dollar bill (ha, funny because I really did!) on products that aren’t easy to find in the UK. One of the products on my list was this here liner. In fact I picked up two (one for a friend) and I’m now wishing I’d added a third into the mix.
This is my first venture into the world of Kat Von D make up and I thought, if anyone is going to make a fantastic eyeliner, it’s Kat Von D herself.
Now, I’m no liner expert by any stretch of the imagination but this has to be the quickest, simplest liner out there. I’ve always found working with a liner brush and a gel product the easiest method. I’d stay far away from liquids and pens because I felt like I had less control and ease. No one wants to end up looking like they’ve covered their entire eye with liner just to get their wings as even as they can. If that’s your bag, then you need to take yourself off for a little reflective walk.
This is the easiest pen to control – a little pressure gives you a thinner liner, more pressure adds thickness. Who knew. I think this is possibly one of the longest lasting liners I’ve used and I would highly recommend it over the over-hyped Benefit They’re Real. It’s super black too, plus I don’t feel like I’ve got to go over my liner to add depth at all.
I am besotted with this liner and I’ve been using it daily since I got it. At $18.00 it comes in at just under £12 which I think is a real bargain considering how fantastic this product is.
 Sadly, KVD make up isn’t available in the UK unless you buy directly from Sephora online (with shipping and tax) which is majorly irritating. However, I suppose I can see it as an excuse to make an online order. I’ll definitely be picking up a few back ups when I head to NY later this year.
What’s your go-to liner?
Love, Kate xo
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