Well aren’t The Body Shop just smashing it out of the ball park with their skincare right now?
After falling blissfully in love with their Camomile range, I turned my attentions to the Vitamin E range. Now, I’ll say that the scent really takes me back to my youth!
Enter, Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil which has not left my face since I picked it up two weeks ago. I try to include a serum or oil in my evening routine as much as I can but I’ve often found a serum isn’t quite rich enough and oils can be a little overwhelming on my face.
This product is the perfect mix of serum and oil – it’s not too greasy at all and my skin really laps it up. I use 3 drops and gently pat it into my face and down my neck. My skin feels almost instantly softer and plumped upon applying and in the morning there’s no trace of the product and my skin feels incredible.
I can’t quite believe how healthy and bright my skin looks after using this for only a fortnight. The weather can be harsh at this time of year and it’s seemingly keeping everything in check so far. I’m going to take this with me to Australia as I think it will work just as well with hot weather.
I’m really impressed by this product and I think I’ve found my “serum soulmate“.
Have you tried anything from The Body Shop’s Skincare range?
Love, Kate xo
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