The “#BBFF” Campaign with

Today’s post is a little different as it features a new campaign that I was kindly asked to take part in and also is about spreading the blogging love.

In recent months, there’s been a lot of negativity going about the blogging community and at times it’s been rather heartbreaking to read and see things that have happened. I’d always thought of the community as very passionate, supportive and positive so what better way to bring the good times back than start a chain of positivity, right? stock lovely items of jewellery and they decided to set up the #BBFF Campaign (Best Blogging Friend Forever) and each of the 10 bloggers in the chain will have their own Luna Bracelet!
The beautiful Kirstie from A Yellow Brick Blog started off the chain and sweetly picked me as her #BBFF! Kirstie is an absolute babe and we have so much in common it’s actually quite scary – haha. I want you all to check out her fabulous blog if you haven’t already and give her a cheeky follow on Twitter too.

So, I was kindly asked which Luna Bracelet I wanted and I picked this beautiful Amethyst Gold Plated Sterling Silver* one which I haven’t taken off my wrist since I got it. It’s so dainty and the light catches the purple/pink stone beautifully.
So, to carry on the chain I was asked to pick another blogger as my #BBFF and I picked Liza from Glambeautys as she’s always been really supportive of my blog/YouTube plus she’s the loveliest girl and has the biggest heart. Liza also has two amazing blogs and a fantastic YouTube channel.
So, that’s my part of the chain done, keep your eyes pealed for Liza’s post and pick for the next part of the chain.
Thanks to Claire from for starting this all off and to Kirstie for picking me to be apart of a lovely campaign.
Love, Katie xo
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