The battle of the drugstore liquid lipsticks

Matte lips aren’t going away, that much is certain and I am 100% a matte convert.

Whilst I was in Australia last year, I picked up two matte lip creams – one from NYX and the other from Australis. As a result, it seemed appropriate to put them both to the test.
I loved one and hated the other….
Let’s start with Australis Velour Lips Matte Lip Cream in Rio-D ($9.95 AUD) which is the most neon orange based coral I’ve ever used. I decided after applying that the colour certainly wasn’t for me and it didn’t suit my colouring at all. That aside, I can safely say it was very matte, to the point where it was uncomfortable on the lips and extremely drying. Furthermore, it applied quite streaky and took some real working into the lips to create an even base. I found over time it crumbled off my lips and left them patchy.
On the other hand, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp (£5.50) was a dream! The colour was perfect – a medium toned, pink based coral that applied so evenly and smoothly on the lips. The formula was hydrating whilst remaining matte and lasted all day. I’m definitely needing to get my paws on other shades from the line.
Are you a matte lip kinda gal?
Love, Kate xo
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