It’s that mascara that seems to be everywhere – Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes from Younique* (£23.00).  I have had countless emails, tweets and comments asking if I wanted to try this mascara. I found this to be quite off putting because I felt quite hounded.

Recently, a work colleague began working as a ‘presenter‘ for the brand as a side job and she would post lots of photos of the products on Facebook. Literally, this brand was everywhere and I couldn’t really escape it.
After looking into the company, I found that the mission of the brand is to ‘uplift, empower and validate‘ women. Now, that’s an ethos I can get behind.
I’m always wanting to try the latest, most talked about products so it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on their famous fibre lash mascara. I wanted to see for myself if it was as good as I’d read and if I could avoid the dreaded ‘spider lash disaster’.
The kit comes with two black tubes – the first, a ‘Transplanting Gel’ which is the mascara part and the second tube, ‘Natural Fibres’ which add the volume, length and drama to your own natural lashes.
The instructions advise to coat your lashes with your own mascara of your choosing, add a layer of the Transplanting Gel, add the fibres and seal with the gel once more. For the average lady, it seems like a bit of a ball ache to get dramatic, super long lashes so I was a bit unsure if I could be bothered to this on a regular basis.
What I found straight away was that using my own mascara first was a complete and utter no-no for me. I felt like it wasn’t a good route to go down as my lashes ended up looking spidery and quite frankly, ridiculous.
What I will say about the first step is that it’s probably best to wipe off the excess, the brush seems to grab onto as much of the gel as it can, which is a bit annoying but not a deal breaker.
I gently coat my sparse lashes with the gel, trying to coat each lash as I go.
Then I move onto the Black Natural Fibres, the odd cotton wool-esque wand that adds these tiny black fibres to the lashes to add length and volume. I find if I softly place these on the mid to end lengths of my lashes, I can create a super lengthy but natural looking lashes. There’s a bit of a knack to it but it’s definitely something which can be picked up quite easily with practice. I then seal everything in with the Transplanting Gel once more and I’m done. You can repeat the process but I find this clogs up my lashes and makes things look a little clumpy and messy.
Left – with no mascara, Right – with my own mascara.
As you can see, my lashes look 100x better without the use of my own mascara and I definitely think this swung my opinion on the mascara completely.
The removal process is a little tricky, you definitely need an oil based make up remover to wiggle these suckers off your lashes and I’ve found I’ve not been very thorough previously and been left with panda eyes the next day.
I think it’s a good, if not slightly gimmicky idea and if you’ve got time, patience and a good eye make up remover then I’d definitely recommend it. For me personally, it’s not something which I’d gravitate to on a daily basis and I think that’s also down to me being besotted with my Benefit Roller Lash.


Have you tried this or anything else from Younique?
Love, Kate xo
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