As seen in my previous posts, I went on a little Soap & Glory spree at the weekend! I love my Clean Girls body wash but I’ve heard such good things about Foam Call that I decided to give it a go.
Firstly, the Soap & Glory body washes are such good value for money, for a mere £6.50 you get a whopping 500ml that will last absolutely ages.
Foam Call is not only a shower based wash but you can use it as a cream to go in the bath. Double duty, now this I like! I’ve used it both ways and I really love how well it foams and smells delicious.
By taking a small amount on either a shower puff or in your hands, once it begins working into your skin and lathers up wonderfully. It leaves my skin feeling squeeky clean and nicely hydrated.
I did smell the sugar crush one but like the body butter, it was majorly sickly and made me feel a bit nauseous. Such a shame because it sounds so lovely. Sigh.