I’m a massive fan of fake tan, so when Skinny Tan 24hr Bronzer* landed on my doorstep, I was extremely excited to try it especially as it is marketed as a cellulite reducing tanner.
As the weather has been on the more favourable side and I’ve been having to get my legs out in recent months, having a quick fix instant tan on the go has been a godsend! Skinny Tan* looks to be a little bit of a messy job but I’ve found it easier the more I use it and using a tanning mitt makes it even quicker and cleaner to apply.
As you can see, it gives a natural build up of colour that instantly gives the skin a much healthier, sun kissed look. I’ve found this works equally as well on my arms and legs (I didn’t post a photo of my legs as the angles weren’t very forgiving). It blends in well and I find using a small amount and building is the best way of applying without overloading your skin with product and having to spend extra time working it in.
The product dries quickly so it makes putting your clothes on a doddle and I haven’t found the colour transferring onto my clothes either.
As with other wash-off tanners, avoiding liquid is a must – I did find spilling a drink on my legs required an “emergency rubbing in session” but it still blended well and a crisis was adverted.
This tan washes off well in the shower so it’s great for those who are new to fake tan and don’t want to overcommit.
Cellulite wise, I wouldn’t say it rids it completely (after all what does other than a good diet and exercise?) but it does leave my legs looking a damn sight better than normal, giving a more airbrushed – but natural – look.
Overall, I’m really impressed with this product as it’s quick and convenient. The only downside I would say is the packaging as I think a pump dispenser would be more practical but that’s just personal preference.
You can now pick up Skinny Tan at – there are 3 different types of tan available so there is something for each level of tanning.
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Love, Kate xo
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