I’ve always been a bit of a chicken in terms of asking for samples at the beauty counters. I find it very cringey strolling up without the intention to instantly purchase something and ask for a sample of a product.
So, when I was out shopping with my mum the other week, she pushed me to gather up some Origins samples because I’d mentioned numerous times how I wanted to try some of their skincare range but didn’t want to buy full sized products in case they didn’t agree with my skin or I didn’t like them.
After the initial red faced discussion with the sales assistant, I came away with three little pots of three of the most well known Origins products.
I’ve been trailing them for just over a week now and I will continue to do so until the samples have been used up. At first I thought the tiny pots wouldn’t hold much product but I’ve found that they’ve lasted well.
Origins is a brand that is very popular here in the UK, with counters at Boots, Debenhams, Selfridges and John Lewis to name a few.
After reading many a blog and review – I chose the Drink Me Up Intensive, GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream and Modern Friction.
My skin is combination on the side of oily – I find I get a lot of oil around my T-Zone but the rest of my face is quite normal but occasionally on the dry side. I’ve been known to focus solely on ridding my T-Zone of its oil and seemingly neglecting the rest of my mug. With that being said, I chose the Drink Me Up Intensive because I’d been lacking in my nighttime skincare routine and needed something to inject some life into my skin. I’ve been using a pea sized amount of this every 2-3 days, the mask sinks quickly into the skin, leaving a slight tacky film. I’ve woken up each time with smoother, brighter skin. I do remove the remnants of the mask during my morning skincare routine, so I know whilst it’s sunk in quickly, it’s continued to hydrate me throughout the night. My cheek area feels well hydrated and surprisingly my T-Zone hasn’t reacted by producing more oil. Success!
Moving onto the popular GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream! I go through phases of really pushing myself to use eye cream and then not bothering at all. I’m very take it or leave it with the whole matter which really bothers me because I know at the ripe old age of 24 that I need to be preventing the signs of aging before they’d happen. So, I’m definitely in the market for a new eye cream that will rid me of any dark circles, brighten and depuff my under eye area whilst hydrating. Not asking for much hey?
So, that being said I chose this eye cream because I’ve heard great things about it. My under eye area has recently been very sore and chapped. A few months ago I had some sort of allergic reaction (to what I just don’t know) and was using prescribed ointment to rid me of dry, flakey, chapped skin both under my eye and also on my eye lid. This situation has reared it’s ugly head once more, maybe it’s the change in the weather or something but my under eye area is very sensitive at present so I think that had an effect on how I found this eye cream worked for me.
Firstly, I’ve been using small amounts under my eyes and working it through the area and onto my brow bone. Once I’ve done that, for approximately a minute or so I feel a burning sensation as the product sinks in. I think this is what’s putting me off the product because afterwards it does feel refreshing on the skin and illuminates and brightens the area with its pink, opal like undertone. I believe its my sore skin thats the problem, not the cream. Burning aside, I don’t think this product is thick enough in consistency for my liking but I might leave it until my eyes have cleared up fully to decide properly.
Finally, I’ve been using a few micro exfoliant products recently and been enjoying how they have rid me of any dead skin and brightened my complexion. So chosing Modern Friction was pretty much a no brainer. I try to only use these types of products twice a week at most because over use can often be harsh on the skin. This product has quite a thick consistsncy, quite gloopy but with a gritty texture – this wouldn’t work on dry skin so by ensuring my skin is damp the product quickly breaks down in consistancy and is easy to work into the skin, it foams up slightly but the grittiness doesn’t really leave the formula so I can get a good handle on scrubbing my skin lightly. A light touch is a must with this product as it can feel quite harsh if you use a heavy hand and its safe to say to avoid the eye area as the lemon oil it is infused with will sting! My skin is left feeling soft and supple but I do have some slight areas of temporary redness afterwards.
Overall, I will point out that these products smell amazing. They’re all very fresh and fruity which I really liked. I definitely want to purchase the Drink Me Up Intensive as I found it was the nicest of the three products. I’m still undecided about the other two products so I may be popping back for some alternative samples.
I think I may have overcome my sample shopping embarrassment!
Do you ask for samples of skincare? If so, what are your most recent choices?
Also, if anyone has any recommendations of Origins products for combination skin…I’m all ears!
Love, Katie xo
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