Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you’ll have heard that US beauty giants Sephora have now started delivering to the UK! Many years ago, us brits had one flagship store down south but since then Sephora has disappeared from our shores and it’s been pretty hard to get hold of stuff since. Thankfully, our ever so vocal prayers have been semi-answered so of course I had to make an order.
There’s a few things to note :
1. You can’t order nail polishes, aerosols or perfumes – this is mainly due to the recent changes with post office.
2. Don’t expect to add NARS, YSL etc into your bag because it ain’t happening. I suspect there’s worries we’ll all get our easy-access brands cheaper.
3. If you spend £75+ you get delivery for £10 flat rate.
4. There’s the added import tax which is part of your total price – mine was around £18 so my order totalled at just over £106. 
So there you have it, hope you enjoy!
Love, Katie xo
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