In recent times, I’ve found myself enjoying the odd gel manicure. They’re long lasting and chip free for a couple of weeks before you need to remove and re-apply. For me, that’s perfect because I absolutely detest applying nail polish especially when it chips off after a couple of days. Yes, even when you’ve used the best top coat out there. I prefer my nails to last and be fuss free which I think is why I felt drawn to the gel route.

Now there’s only two issues I personally have with gel nails and this issue applies to this kit as well. 1) I get bored of colours really quickly and 2) I really don’t like the grown out look, where your polish is half way down your nail because they seem to magically grow. This issue won’t go away but it’s definitely better than the alternative.
Sensationail is an at home nail kit company which can be easily found in the aisles of Boots and it’s definitely worth seeing if it comes on special offer.
I have the Scarlet Red Starter Kit* (£69.99) which comes with everything you need to apply the nails. The LED lamp, the top/base coat, the colour and all the essentials to prep the nails.
The process for applying is actually really simple.
You start by prepping the nails and the key to long-lasting, fabulous nails is all in the prep. The preparation tools include a bamboo nail stick, a two sided nail buffer, gel cleanser and a primer. For me, the bamboo stick isn’t great for cuticle removal, it blunts out very quickly and doesn’t work with ease. I find using a gel cuticle remover and nail scissors much easier and more efficient. The nail buffer is okay, I neither like nor dislike it but there’s definitely better out there. If you regularly take care of your nails, you probably won’t need to do much prep other than ensuring your nails are free of polish.
What you must do, for adhesive purposes is lightly buff the nail to add a bit of grit for the products to grip to. If you lightly buff the nail, it won’t cause any damage.
Next you use the nail cleanser and lint-free wipes to clean the excess from the buffing and follow up with the primer to finish the prepping.
The idea is to apply a thin coats of polish to the nails and you begin by using the top/base coat and applying carefully to avoid the cuticle, finish by coating the tip of the nail to avoid chipping. The LED lamp is to be used for 1 minute (it will beep once 30 seconds has passed.)
Then comes the fun part – the colour! Again, apply thin coats of polish to the nail, taking care to avoid the cuticle. I find the colours vary with how opaque they apply and so I find 2 coats is a good shout. (Once again, using the LED lamp in between coats).
Repeat the with the base coat, remembering to coat the tip of the nail.
Once the nail has dried, apply gel cleanser to each nail and voila!


After 2 days wear.


After 11 days wear.
I’m not the neatest at doing my nails but I have definitely found that practice makes perfect when it comes to using this kit. It’s incredibly easy to use but I think doing other people’s nails is always easier than your own.
I always pick at my nails, so as soon as those nails start growing out, I find myself picking at them which you can see a little in my photos but that’s through my own naughtiness and not the kit. My nails usually last me a good 10 days or so before I need to re-apply.
The removal of the nails is my least favourite part because I’m impatient and don’t like sitting with foil on my hands. The idea is to buff the shine from the nails and using cotton wool soaked in the Sensationail Gel Nail Polish Remover* (98% acetone), wrap the nails in foil and leave for around 10-15 minutes before removing. The kit indicates to use the nail stick but I ended up buying the Sensationail Gel Polish Removal Tool which is metal and it is a godsend!
There are currently over 50 available colours to choose from and I even got a couple for Christmas!
I am really impressed with the kit and I definitely enjoy using it. If you’re looking for an at-home kit, then you really can’t go wrong with Sensationail.
If you fancy a video step-by-step guide the site has a great page full of them which I’ve found extremely helpful.
Keep an eye out for an even quicker and easier nail application kit on my blog soon!
Are you a gel nails kinda gal?
Love, Kate xo
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