In the midst of this crazy #kyliejennerchallenge taking over social media, it seemed funny that I had a post already written, ready to go about my recent lip augmentation.

What I’ll say first off is – you don’t need to have lips the size of the moon to be beautiful. At the same time, if you are 100% not happy with a part of yourself whether it’s physically or mentally do not feel guilty for wanting to change that either. We’re all entitled to make our own choices in life but it’s about the thought process that is involved. Putting shot glasses and bottles onto your lips for prolonged periods of time will severely damage your lips, there’s no two ways about it. You have to be smart with your body.
I’d been unhappy with my lips for years but it’s since I started blogging that it became completely unavoidable. I photograph and film my face on a regular basis and I’d get really frustrated with how uneven my top lip was. Bold lipstick just didn’t look good and the more lip related posts I’d do, the more I’d get frustrated and feel I had to use my Fullips Enhancers – which I have a post on here.
The enhancers were only an extremely temporary measure, that would take a while to reach the level where my lips would look even. After using them occasionally for a few months, I made my mind up that I wanted fillers. I didn’t partially want them for volume but more for correction to make me feel more confident. As you can see in the photo above, my left hand side was severely under developed and in need of some correction.
Before I jumped right in and got needle happy, I had my research to do. I spent months looking into what the procedure entailed, how much it was looking to set me back as well as other people’s experiences. What really stood out to me was that I definitely wanted to go with someone who came from a medical background with all the right qualifications.
I booked in with Lisa who visits a salon called Capelli in Wetherby as she’s done micro-dermabrasion on my Mum before and she has a history in the cosmetic surgery field. I paid £90 as an upfront deposit, which was 50% of the price. There was a little mix up with my appointment and I ended up having the procedure done two weeks earlier than expected. I actually preferred this as I didn’t have time to worry or change my mind.
The whole procedure took around 25/30 minutes in total and Lisa made me feel at ease and relaxed the moment I sat down which really helped. She was chatty and explained the procedure thoroughly whilst the numbing cream worked its magic. When the cream had fully numbed my mouth, she said I’d feel a tiny scratch and a slight sting as the needle went into my lips. She focused mainly on my left hand side where the correction needed to be focused. The needle did not hurt at all and I barely felt a thing as Lisa worked her way around my lips. She used approx 0.7ml of Emervel (which is cross-linked hyluronic acid) to correct and the remaining 0.3ml to add volume. She worked slowly, checking my lips face on before proceeding with the next injection.
Once we were finished, my lips obviously looked a lot bigger and more even – Lisa advised me that they would be swollen for the next week or so and would reduce. She explained that I’d need to massage my lips un upward motions to soften the filler. I had just one tiny needle mark on my lip which had gone by the 24hr mark.
So, how did my lips settle?
Day 1 – they seemed a little bigger by the time I woke up the next day and my needle mark had gone. I wore MAC Impassioned and it looked fantastic. I couldn’t believe it!
Day 3 – my lips felt a little sore but not particularly chapped and I layered Nuxe Reve de Miel all over to nourish them. I continued my soft massaging to soften the filler.
Day 4 – small ‘boil’ like bumps appeared on my left hand side, which stung. I didn’t panic as I knew the needles had penetrated my skin which left me more prone to cold sores. I’d had one a few weeks prior.
Day 5 – cold sore fully formed, sore and scabby and took over most of my left hand side. I picked up some Lypsyl Cold Sore Gel which worked wonders.
Day 14 – the cold sore had eventually gone and my lips had settled to the size they were going to be. I kinda preferred them when they were swollen as I had a lot more volume.
I know a lot of people say they prefer their lips when they’ve just been done and I can totally see why! I’m quite tempted for a top-up to boost them a little more and add a small amount to my bottom lip to round them out. I’m very happy with my new lips and I’d recommend having fillers to anyone who’s unhappy with their appearance as long as it looks natural. No one has really noticed my lips which at first kind of annoyed me but then I realised that it’s because they look so natural. The filler should last a good 6-9 months and I’m thinking about a top-up after my holiday in June.
Have you considered cosmetic surgery?
Love, Kate xo
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