Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil

To say I’m very much pro-cleansing oil would be pretty accurate these days. I absolutely adore using oils and balms to cleanse my face, especially on an evening paired with a hot flannel. Ooh err!
I’ve used a fair few Sanctuary Spa body products but never delved into their skincare line, that was until I tried their Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil* (mouthful). Now I know packaging isn’t the be all and end all of a product, obviously but this is a lovely soft pink with a really good pump that dispenses just enough product to cleanse the whole face.
The scent is very herbal so if that’s not your bag then you might want to avoid this oil but, the scent quickly dies down and the oil gets down to business. I take one pump of the oil and gently massage it around my face, really working it into my skin. I then add a little water and it creates a slightly white, almost foam like consistency before taking a hot flannel and removing the remaining oil and dirt from my face.
Personally, this isn’t my favourite cleansing oil and it’s mainly because I base my opinion on how well a cleanser removes eyeliner and mascara and this does leave a little residue which I’ve noticed mainly when I wake up the next day and there’s a little bit of the ol’ panda eyes in situ.
 Now, that’s just me being a little fussy because this oil really does give the skin a good cleanse but in a very gentle way so the sensitive skinned amongst us can definitely give it a whirl. I have noticed that it doesn’t strip natural oils from my skin and it actually keeps it hydrated which is key at this time of year. Since coming back from Australia, I’ve had drier patches on my cheeks and after using this, they’ve definitely improved and certainly felt a lot less irritated.
I’m definitely open to trying more of their skincare range after trying this oil.
What’s your go-to cleansing product?
Love, Kate xo
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