I bought this sea salt spray back in the summer and after using it a fair few times, it found itself in my hair draw. It’s not that I didn’t like it, quite the opposite actually but my hair became quite frail and in need of moisture rather than drying salt spray.
SachaJuan Ocean Mist (£18.00) caught my eye almost a year ago but it wasn’t until I made a cheeky Cult Beauty order that it ended up in my basket. I’m a huge fan of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray but I’ve found over time that it can be a little too much for my hair.
I’ve recently re-introduced Ocean Mist back into my routine and I’m thankful I did. It’s a very lightweight, beachy texture that it gives my hair with a little volume. There’s no crispiness or layers of product build up which I find great as my hair doesn’t need much to weigh it down. It gives just the right amount of piece-y texture that gives my hair more movement and it blends better into my extensions.
You can apply this to dry or wet hair but I’ve been favouring wet hair as it dries with minimal effort once used. I’ve packed it in my suitcase for my holiday (I’ll be there now :P) and I’m hoping it’ll give me beautiful, Aussie beach bum hair.
Oh did I mention it smells glorious? Sea breeze at it’s finest.
Do you like using salt sprays?


Love, Kate xo
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