REVIEW | Benefit Roller Lash

In February, I told you all about a new and exciting release from Benefit Cosmetics!

Their new Roller Lash Mascara* (full size £19.50) launched in Elle Magazine so readers could try before it officially launched later in the month.

 I’ve been using this mascara for a while and I thought I’d tell you exactly what I thought after I’d given myself a good amount of time to form a full opinion.

It’s safe to say, one of the most popular mascara’s in the UK market is Benefit They’re Real – in fact one of my first blog posts, way back in 2012 included that very mascara. I really loved that it when it first launched – as it gave length with good definition and really opened my eyes up. When I’d used my tube up, I kind of just moved on and branched out to try other products. As a beauty junkie, you tend to feel the urge to try other things as there’s that irrational thought process instilled inside that there’s always something bigger and better out there.
Back to Roller Lash*, it’s designed for ladies with straight lashes that need extra help to hold a curl. The wand is plastic and is designed to have ‘hook and roll’ effect, mimicking a roller you’d use on your hair. I think this is a great idea, often mascaras struggle with ensuring the curl lasts all day.
So, I jumped right to it and ditched my lash curlers – shock horror! I am so pleased with the result and I think Benefit have definitely designed another winning mascara here. My lashes are instantly lifted and curled upon the first coat whilst adding length and a good amount of volume. I think my eyes look much bigger which is always a huge bonus as my eyes are tiny!
The best result is when you add a second coat, it really adds the va-va-voom to my lashes and takes them to the next level of flirty, curled goodness.
I find the curl lasts most of the day and I can layer up my lashes without them looking clumpy or crispy. It works well with my bottom lashes too which is always a bonus and I don’t get any smudging at all.
I think Benefit can quit with the mascaras now as they have two spot on beauties in their range – surely they cannot top them?
Have you tried Roller Lash?
Love, Kate xo
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