Celebrity perfumes, they can go one of two ways – you either loathe them or they surprise you. At least thats the way I always see it. I think the only celebrity perfumes I’ve been really impressed with are the Christina Aguilera ones. I’ve had about three different scents and loved them all.
Enter, Rogue by Rihanna* is the fourth fragrance to be released by the singer after Reb’l Fleur, Rebelle and Nude. I think I may have smelt the previous scents in a department store and wasn’t overly impressed. So I was intrigued to see if the latest offering was any better and thankfully it was.
Let’s start with the packaging shall we? I find if the packing is on point, it immediately draws me in. As with many celebrity perfumes, the packaging can really let the product down. Although, I suppose that can apply to any brand – cheap packaging is an instant turn-off. I adore the packaging of Rogue, it’s edgy whilst remaining extremely sleek and finding it’s way onto my dressing table. Who doesn’t love a good dressing table worthy bottle?
As the bottle gets a big thumbs up, I definitely think the scent does too. It’s quite a distinctive scent that has a slightly oriental vibe. I find it to be very alluring and flirty whilst it’s a little on the sweet side. I don’t think I’ve found a sweet scent that has that feel to it. I think this is a very love it or hate it scent as it teeters on the edge of too sweet at first. It does however settle down to a more subtle smell. Normally, the more alluring scents are much muskier and more sensual. When I smelt this for the first time, it really reminded me of another scent but after racking my brains, I’m no further with deciphering which scent it was. If anyone has smelt this and had the same feeling..let me know.
The base notes are Sandalwood, Golden Amber and Vanilla Musk with top notes of Lemon Blossom, Bergamont and Pink Peppercorn. These give the scent a very floral feel and the heart notes of Jasmine, Plum and Patchouli add depth.
Overall, I’m very impressed with this fragrance and I find myself sniffing my wrists throughout the day as it’s a very alluring scent which lasts all day.
Rogue by Rihanna is available in three sizes – 30ml, 75ml and 125ml with prices starting from £23.00.
What’s your favourite celebrity perfume?
Love, Kate xo
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