RMK Kaledoscope Cheeks



RMK is a brand I’d not really heard of until late last year and they are available at Look Fantastic now. The newest release from the Japanese brand is their Kaledoscope Cheeks*.

These super cute blushes are certainly eye catching with their sleek design and handbag sized compact.
I absolutely love the packaging of this, it’s simple and classy without going unnoticed. The shade I have is Coral Pink*, it’s a mix of coral and shimmery pale pink, once mixed it gives a soft, buildable flush of colour with a luminous finish.
I was a little taken back by the price (£20.00) considering you only get such a small amount of product. That being said, I don’t feel like you have to use much product to get the desired effect so I can see this blush lasting a heck of a while.
What do you think, have you tried or heard of RMK before? I’d be interested in trying other products from the brand.
Love, Katie xo
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