I’m a huge fan of Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer but I find it’s best suited to my under eyes and general highlighting. So why I picked up the Match Perfection one, which also illuminates, I’m not quite sure.

That being said, this concealer is easily more suited to covering blemishes as it’s far less pigmented than Wake Me Up and less illuminating. It gives a good amount of coverage and is quite hydrating to boot. It works well under the eyes, giving a nice amount of light and it’s light enough not to look cakey.

I do find the packaging a bit of an issue – it’s a squeezy tube with a brush applicator. I’ll be honest, I don’t find it easy to get the product out, you have to really squeeze it and when it does come out there’s far too much dispensed.

Packaging aside, this is a nice and affordable concealer that works well under the eyes and covering blemishes.


What concealers do you recommend?

Love, Katie xo

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