Rimmel Apocalips – £5.99
I sneakily got another 3 of the new Rimmel Apocalips to add to my collection. I now have 6, might as well go for the full 8….however the nude shade is proving hard to find in my local boots.
I did a post on Sunday reviewing the first 3 shades I bought so I thought I’d review the next 3 with regards to colour. The collection itself has 8 different shades ranging from nude to pink to red to purple. So really, there’s something for everyone which I think makes for a good starting point when launching a new line of lip products.
As I mentioned in my previous post, these are seriously pigmented lipglosses – the drugstore alternative to the YSL Glossy Stains and glossier and cheaper still than the MAC Kissable Lip Colours.
The next 3 shades I bought were; Nova (a medium pink), Galaxy (a blackberry toned purple) and Luna (a peachy borderline orange shade).
It is safe to say that these are 3 completely different shades of lipgloss to suit all different types of make up, whether its day time, night time, etc. I believe that Nova is probably the most wearable shade as it is a medium but bright pink which is very eye catching but not scarily bright. Luna is a funny shade, it’s quite a orangey shade, personally I find this photographs better than it should. It’s probably one of my least favourites as I find the orange tones slightly unflattering. Galaxy is a perfect blackberry shade for the autumn/winter months without bring too harsh or dark.
Have you guys tried these yet? What are your favourite types of lipgloss or brands for lip products?
Love, Katie xo
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