Revlon | Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors


Revlon isn’t a brand I necessarily gravitate towards but their new Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors (£8.99) definitely caught my eye. After all, the matte lip trend is showing no signs of slowing down and the liquid lipstick formula is my current preferred choice.

For me, I want opaque seamless colour, longevity and comfort but most importantly, hydration. Some formulas can tick all the boxes but dry your lips quicker than you can say ‘do my lips look like Kylie Jenner yet?‘ For true #MatteLipGoals, hydration is key.

When the more affordable brands, like Revlon come out with a liquid formula – I take notice. The bullet style packaging is sleek and differs from the usual slim tubes and there are 7 equally lovely shades in the range. I naturally picked up 3 but it would have been 4 had the nude shade ‘Seduction,’ been in stock. My fear of odd numbers upsets me but I’ll have to learn to live with the 3 shades I got. I thought a day-time nude/pink was a standard option so I chose ‘Devotion‘ a flattering, muted raspberry pink shade and followed up with a bright, true red in ‘Love‘ and a vibrant fuchsia called ‘Obsession’. I’m pleased with the shades I chose as I felt I had a colour for all occasions.

revlon-hd-matte-loveRevlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in ‘Love’ 


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in ‘Devotion’ 


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in ‘Obsession’

The formula is not 100% matte, there is a little shine and ‘slip’ to them but not overly smudgy and the colour is opaque plus relatively easy to apply with the bolder shades taking a little more work but nothing too time consuming. The applicator is a small rectangular doe-foot style and helps work the product into the edges of the lip with ease, particularly the corners of the mouth and the cupids bow. I’ve found you can slightly over line the lips really naturally with this product despite it not being completely matte.


One thing I cannot stand is the scent. Just like the HD Lipsticks, these have a strong slightly too sweet cupcake scent that I really cannot bare. Luckily, once applied the scent fades and doesn’t really bother me. Another important note is that they wear for quite a long time (minus food) and fade down to a stain but can be layered with ease and do not flake in anyway.

I’m really impressed with the formula, though I wish they were more matte (as advertised) and the scent was more bearable but all in all, a good release from Revlon.

Have you tried these?

Love, Kate xo