You may have heard about my hair grumbles – my heads been feeling really over processed and thin recently. I blame myself for having bleach painted onto my roots before Christmas, I think I’ll stick to highlights now. I’m mulling over going back brunette at the moment but I love my pastel hair.
I’ve been really upping my game when it comes to looking after my hair – masks, treatments, the lot. That’s where Redken Extreme Anti-Snap* comes into play. I’d heard so many wonderful things about this leave-in treatment that I had to find out for myself. Since beginning to use Anti-Snap about 6 weeks ago, it’s become an integral part of my haircare routine.
This leave-in treatment is almost like a lotion in consistency but isn’t at all heavy nor does it weigh my hair down. I usually put 3/4 pumps in the mid to end lengths of damp hair and kind of work the excess on my top section. It really helps to smooth my hair and revitalise the texture whilst reducing friction and it has heat protectant. Don’t get me wrong, my hair’s not completely back to it’s healthy best but this is really helping it along the way. I’ve noticed my hair is much stronger and has distinctively less breakage – hurray!
I’ve been really impressed by Redken and I’ve got my eye on a few products.
What have you been using to help your hair?
Love, Katie xo
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