If you read my blog or watch my videos regularly, you will know I’m a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman. They are my go-to brushes and they’re my favourite brand (sorry MAC). The brushes are well priced, good quality and fabulous to work with. So, no real surprise when the Limited Edition Duo-Fiber Collection came out that I got my hands on them pronto. Luckily for me, my best friend was in Boots a few weeks ago and got herself a set. She kindly ran back inside for a set for me, which was the last one in the store. Potential crisis adverted!
This 3 piece set includes a face brush, contour brush and eye brush. As they were duo-fiber, these took me little longer to get used to as opposed to the original brushes in the line. These brushes are designed to give soft layers and texture to the make up application process.
So lets start with the face brush, this one I’ve been using to apply powder. I really like this brush as it applies softly and leaves a light finish without being cakey at all. I’m yet to try this with blush but it’s a decent enough size to do so.
The contour brush I found a little tricky to work with at first. This was mainly because I thought it would be a good brush for foundation – it didn’t really work for me in that way. Buffing brush, forgive me! So, I decided I best try it for its intended purpose and I found it fit snugly under my cheekbones and blended bronzer effortlessly.
The final one, the eye brush is my favourite as it works fantastically in the crease. It literally requires no effort, it does all the building and blending for you. Like the contour brush, it fits perfectly in my socket and creates a contoured eye like no other eye brush before.
These brushes are perfect for those who may be scared to apply make up a bit too liberally. They add colour softly and in a buildable way so it’s great for people who are very minimalist. I’m so happy that Real Techniques have brought out a new set plus they’re such great value at this price for 3 brushes. I’ve got my eye on the setting brush and travel set next.
Has anyone else tried this set or have any RT brushes on their wishlist?
Love, Katie xo
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