Real Techniques Bold Metals

Holy moly. That was my basic, make up obsessed response to the new Bold Metals Collection from Real Techniques which dropped a couple of weeks ago in Boots. 


I’ve been a huge fan, like most, of the RT line since it first launched a couple of years back and I have been so proud to see just how well the line has been received because if it wasn’t for Sam and Nic, I definitely would’t be able to apply make up as “well” as I do now. They seriously taught me everything I know.
The first thing that’s been noted about these brushes is the price point. They’re significantly more expensive than the original line of brushes as they range from £10 to £25. This has caused a lot of outcry, mainly on Twitter that the brushes shouldn’t be so expensive because they’re sold in Boots and that younger girls won’t have the funds to be able to buy these.
I can definitely see the concern, but who’s to say young girls can’t necessarily afford them? When I was 17/18, I had a job and began buying make up and I don’t think I’d have been too upset at buying these brushes. Sure, I probably couldn’t have afforded them all in one go or anything but if I wanted them, I’d put money aside to save for them. Just as I would for any other higher priced make up item – a lot of which are sold in Boots. On the flip side, many women of any age have bought these brushes and they all have different incomes.
What I think people are forgetting is that RT needed to go luxe. They have brought out fabulous, affordable brushes since the beginning and Sam and Nic were always going to strive to out do themselves. I would have been saddened if they didn’t. By using the best possible synthetic fibres, the cost of making the brushes increases and therefore the prices must too.
Sure, the brushes are sold in Boots, in an aisle where there are cheaper, more affordable brush brands but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong there. It is a nationwide chain, I don’t think I’ve come across many towns that don’t have a store. I have a small one in my town! By selling the brushes in Boots, they’re more accessible for consumers.
Right, enough wittering – onto the brushes…
The line includes seven high quality, professional brushes of which I have purchased three. As with the original line, the brushes are colour coded depending on the area in which they are intended. So, the Rose Gold (hubba hubba) are for finish, the Gold for base and the Silver for eyes. They are weighted, which I love for perfect weight distribution and the handles are cut to stop them rolling off your dresser. Anyone else hate it when their brushes roll onto the floor? 
201 Pointed Crease (£12.00) – This one I got for free (thank you Boots points!) and I picked it because I’m always eying brushes that make crease work a lot easier. I’m terrible at eyeshadow, so I definitely need all the help I can get. This brush is very densely packed which helps pack the colour neatly into the crease with very little effort. The brush itself fits neatly into my crease and blends as you go. It’s also great for smoking out the under eye!

100 Arched Powder (£25.00) – Ah, how stunning is this brush? This is the bigger of the two powder type brushes and I picked it over the Tapered Blush brush because I felt I needed a bigger brush for powder work, especially if I was going to use it for blush. This is my multi-tasking brush – it does powder, bronzer and blush in one fell swoop. I adore how this applies and blends bronzer and blusher in particular. This is one of the loveliest brushes I’ve had the pleasure of using as it’s so soft and precise despite it’s size.
301 Flat Contour (£22.00) – Possibly the most exciting of the line, this brush was the first to fall into my basket. I know Illamasqua have done a similar brush in the past and I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine that NARS have one too. The contour hype isn’t calming any time soon and I know my face could do with some sculpting so for me this was an absolute must. Now, I’m yet to try this with cream products but after using it with powders, I know it’s a contouring dream. This adds a fantastically effortless shade to the face and can be used in circular motions to blend. I love how densely packed the brush fibres are with this one. You can also use it for highlighting! It takes a little while to find your rhythm with it but it’s definitely worth persevering.
So there’s my thoughts on the latest line from RT, I am super impressed with the quality and ease of use of these brushes and I can definitely see myself completing the collection.
Are these on your wish list?

Love, Kate xo
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