Dry shampoo is easily a staple in many hair care routines, for those in-between days where you locks aren’t quite fresh but not ready to be washed. I love dry shampoo, I always have.

These days the chalky, super white formula of old is no more and now they give refreshed volume to the hair. Fudge Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo* (£5.99) is the latest in a long line of bigger and better DS. What I like about this is that it is scented and not in a masking, overpowering way. It adds a lovely crisp and fresh scent to the hair that really adds something to your locks.
As my hair is darker, I’ve found I do have to shake the can well and spray a little further away from my hair to avoid a slightly ashy, sheen. This gives a good amount of volume and de-greases my hair long enough to get through a day of not washing.
Another great thing is that I’ve had this can since December and I’ve still got lots left despite using it on a regular basis.
Are you pro Dry Shampoos?
Love, Kate xo
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