I’ve been back blonde for a good few months after being brunette since I was 17 and ombré for over a year. I felt the need to go back towards my blonde ways of my early teens. I’ve never been one for a drastic cut, as I’m usually the one asking for less than a trim. That being said, I’ve messed about with fringes before but always grown them out along with any crazy short layers. Overall, I’m definitely on the boring side when it comes to cut!

Going back blonde been something I’d ummed and ahh’d about for god knows how long but eventually, I worked my way back to a really bright highlighted blonde. Though I love being much fairer, the pow! I got with my ombré hair had gone. So, knowing these gorgeous pastel tones were coming through thanks to the likes of Ellie Goulding, Kelly Osbourne and since, Dame Helen Mirren’s given it a whirl. Well if the Queen of England can go pink, anyone can!

The thing with having much lighter hair is that you can really mess around with toners and different semi-permanent colours and they will look super bright with little product. Case in point my new pink barnet.

I achieved this by firstly having a full head of bleach highlights, which I usually have done every 6-8 weeks to keep the roots at bay and the colour fresh. Firstly, we tried a Crazy Colour semi-permanent colour in Marshmellow but found it only really took to my top section and left my ends slightly beigey. That quickly washed out after a few shampoos.

So, on Saturday with the help of one of the recommended Fudge Paint Boxes and some V05 conditioner I was all set for round 2. I made sure that the conditioner I chose was 100% white to enable the colour to be diluted correctly.

This consisted of firstly washing my hair (any shampoo will do), towel drying and then combing through.

Secondly, using a hairdressing bowl approximately 1/3 of the tube of the Paint Box was mixed with a hefty amount of conditioner until the desired colour was found. We went a shade or two brighter than I needed to ensure the colour transferred, as these are semi-permanent shades they will fade quickly after the first wash.

The product was painted onto my hair in sections, starting from the tip to root. Once my whole head was covered, I waited around 15-20 minutes before the colour was washed out.

The colour could have been left on longer as parts hadn’t taken as well as others but that’s trial and error with these colourful shades. My hair felt instantly well conditioned due to not only the conditioner that the Paint Box was mixed with but as the Paint Box is a conditioning colour treatment.

Overall, pretty pleased with the outcome. As my hair fades, I can mix in a small amount of colour with my regular conditioner to keep it for longer.

Has anyone else used these Paint Boxes or even gone for pastel hair themselves?

Love, Katie xo


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