I’m turning into a skincare junkie, it’s sort of just creeped up on me in the past few months and my skins so much better for it even if my bank balance is not.
I will be uploading a skincare routine video before my March Favourites video so look out for that. In the meantime, this is the first of my two moisturiser reviews to tie in nicely with the upload.
I went on a small Origins binge and bought the Drink Up Intensive mask which I had been testing out. I also bought the oil-free Night-A-Mins on a whim as I was in dire need of a night time moisturiser.
In the past, I’ve found some night time moisturisers too heavy or too greasy so opted to use a light, day time moisturiser or nothing at all. Then I realised that night time is the best time for repairing your skin because it has time to breathe and with the right mix of products it can transform overnight. Literally.
With that thought in mind, I decided going for an oil-free version was a must especially with my t-zone previously being a stomping ground for the unattractive oily sheen of death. Plus, I thought this would be a lot lighter than previous creams I’ve used.
The first thing I noticed about the cream is the absolutely incredible scent it has – zesty orange with a hint of chocolate which really reminds me of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. A seriously edible smell that I love! So that impressed me straight away.
The consistency is rather gel like but rubs into the skin leaving a light residue which sinks in quite quickly. I was apprehensive about this, perhaps it would be too thin for me to feel like it was working. You don’t need to use a large amount as a little bit will cover a larger surface area than you’d think.
I’ve been using this cream for just over a week and I’ve woken each morning with my skin feeling replenished, soft and radiant. I’m hoping this will continue as I use it because I’m loving the results so far.
What night time moisturisers do you recommend?
Love Katie xo
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