Origins GinZing Moisturiser (50ml) – £23.00


Ever since I got into skincare around 8 or so months ago, I was drawn to Origins after reading lots of amazing reviews on their products. To this day I’ve really been enjoying their products, so much so I think they may well be my favourite skincare brand. Everything smells so yummy for starters and I’ve been particularly impressed with their moisturisers. So, as you can imagine when their latest addition, the GinZing Moisturiser came out I couldn’t wait to throw it into my basket.


Now I did try the GinZing Eye Cream and it didn’t really agree with me, I did have a bit of an issue with my eyelids being super sore at the time so maybe that’s why it wasn’t for me. That being said, the energy boosting part of the promotion for the moisturiser intrigued me the most. I have slightly oily skin and whilst it’s easy to avoid slapping on a tonne of moisturiser, it’s essential that I get hydration despite my oily surface. Luckily, this moisturiser is aimed at all skin types and is oil free which as a big tick for me especially as I use the oil free version of Night-A-Mins.


Let me just say, this smells absolutely incredible very citrusy and fresh. I couldn’t wait to put this on my face purely for the scent alone. Seriously, run now to your nearest counter and have a sniff. The formula is light but it does have some substance about it and is easy to work into the skin. I find this moisturiser sinks in quickly but leaves my skin nicely hydrated and boosted – it gives an almost primer like finish in that my skin looks revitalised in the nicest way. I’m really impressed with this just as I am my other products.


What other Origins products should I try?


Love, Katie xo
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