I’ve gone a little face mask mad recently so I do apologise I’m advance for the volume of mask related posts coming your way.

First up is the long-sought after, Origins Clear Improvement which is a charcoal based mask designed to draw out any ‘nasties’ from your face and clear your pores. The charcoal acts as a magnet to bring impurities to the surface.

This is quite a fun mask, because it’s dark, it’s a little bit of a shock when you look in the mirror, as seen above. It’s a messy one to say the least as it’s quite a thick, wet consistency so I try to apply quickly and leave it to set which usually takes about 5-10 minutes, with me normally leaving it on around the 10 minute mark.

I tend to use this mask around once a week when my skins feeling a little congested and needs bringing back to normal. This is usually around the mid-week mark and I especially like to use it a day or two before a night out. I do layer it more on my nose as this is where the majority of my pores are. The mask dries quite quickly but does not feel particularly tight like many clay based masks do. I remove it with a hot flannel and it’s surprisingly easy to take off. My skin feels amazing afterwards, super soft and pure. I’ve found my make up doesn’t clog up my pores so much after and my skin absolutely loves this mask. I think I’ll be buying the full size at this rate.

Have you tried this or anything similar?

Love, Katie xo

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