Prior to my wave of emotions watching Sunday’s FA Cup final, I attended the Oriflame event in Leeds. I’d been super excited for the afternoon all week especially as it meant meeting up with my lovely fellow Leeds bloggers – Steph, Simone, Kel, Sharon, Sammie, Ellie and co. They’re lovely ladies so please check out their blogs.
The event was an afternoon with renowned celebrity make up artist Gary Cockerill – you may recognise him from working with Katie Price (Jordan) and also Kelly Brook for years. You’d be surprised to know that Gary actually started off working down the mines and eventually began painting mannequins before deciding he’d be much better suited to painting real life faces. He’s also Yorkshire born and bred as he is from Doncaster. Some 20+ years and later and Gary has worked with many glamourous ladies both for magazines and red carpets and is now an ambassador for Oriflame.
I’ve mentioned Oriflame a few times on my blog and each product I’ve tried, I’ve been very impressed with. Often referred to as the Swedish equivalent of Avon, Oriflame has consultant recruitment where you can earn by taking orders. I personally feel Oriflame is different to Avon and the products really excel. What I came to find on the day is that Oriflame is pretty famous worldwide, infact it’s available in over 60 countries. Say whuuut! They’ve recently rebranded and improved their products and the result is the fabulous The One line.
Sadly, I misplaced my SD card so the only photos are those of my generous goodie bag and it’s contents but I can assure you it was a wonderful afternoon despite the heat.
Gary gave us his tips and tricks along with doing some live demonstrations on three lucky ladies. I had definitely applied far too much slap to have any more applied!
The best tips I noted down were mainly lip related as I really struggle with my sheer lack of a cupids bow.
The event was held at The Living Room which is down on Greek Street – I was super impressed with the venue and the sheer volume of food and drinks they put on. Especially the gorgeous cupcakes which of course I ended up wolfing down.
I want to thank Oriflame for kindly inviting me to come along even I had to leave a little early due to the football (YES Arsenal!) but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The goodie bag was filled with a lovely selection of their The One collection and I’m already in love with the mascara.
Have you tried any Oriflame products?
Love, Katie xo
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