Oriflame is a brand I’ve recently come to learn a little about. This Swedish brand has been around since 1967 and is the Scandanavian equivalent to Avon. When I attended a blogger meet up in August, I received a mascara to try (review coming this week) and I have been loving using their new Colour Drop Lipstick in Melting Pink * for the past couple of a weeks and it has fast become my go-to everyday shade.

I’m a sucker for lipstick, ain’t that the truth so it’s no surprise that this new release intrigued me – it’s designed to never lose it’s shape, gliding onto the lips with perfect precision. I for one, hate when your lipsticks, over time become misshapen and lose their presise application. Repetitive use can easily cause this issue, which kind of means it’s enevitable.

This innovative lipstick is designed to keep hold of its tear drop shape as the mechanism that turns the lipstick up in fact pushes it up, therefore the shape remains. Pretty cool right?

So what’s the lipstick actually like? First of all, the shade I have is a lovely, soft glossy pink that feels super moisturising (they include orange blossom oil) but still has a nice amount of pigmentation. I’d say the wear time is a few hours due to the glossy finish but when your lipstick doesn’t lose shape, it doesn’t really matter that you’re reapplying! There are 8 shades in all, which I think is a nice, compact amount for a new release and there’s something there to meet everyone’s taste.

They’re currently £5.95 until Friday 18th October, then they will retail for £8.95 which is pretty good going if you ask me. I’m super impressed with this lipstick, it feels and looks amazing.

What do you think?

Love, Katie xo

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