OOTD | Yup. You heard.

Eek! My first proper OOTD/N post. This took a lot of courage (and Disaronno) to photograph and post.

jacket – matalan
blouse – bank (similar)
jeans – river island
heels – kurt gieger (old)
 I’ve always wanted to do proper OOTD posts but found 1. I’m not v trendy and 2. I’m a bit on the side of hefer and angles hate me.
I really liked my outfit last night – I picked up this blouse on a whim and really like the neon accents (I don’t feel the camera has picked this up properly, sadly). I’m besotted with River Island jeans at the moment, these are the Molly’s which I guess are the equivalent of Topshop Leigh Jeans.
I’ve not taken this jacket off since last week – baby pink, I’m all over it!
I hope this post wasn’t too offensive, I am trying to add more fashion type posts into the mix whilst trying to shift a couple of lbs. You’ll be glad to know I’ve worked out three times this week, something that I’m extremely proud of. I haven’t done this much exercise since god knows when and it’s very much needed. You’ll know from my weight posts that I’m really unhappy with my body but a post on this outfit was requested (Thanks Liza!) and I liked what I was wearing for once. I’m currently in my amazing Avengers pajama bottoms which are equally as fetching. That being said, I must say that clothes shopping feels like torture at the moment. So many skimpy things in stores but sadly, it ain’t happening.
Hope you guys liked this post, let me know if this is something I should attempt again.
Be kind!
Love, Kate xo
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