I recently purchased some goodies from NYX whilst I was in Australia, having never tried anything from the brand before. I’d heard a few products were a ‘must try’ so I picked up two of their popular Butter Gloss lip glosses and boy was I seriously impressed!

I came away with just two to try, both of the pink variety (of course) and they were Pink Parfait, a brighter, more bubblegum pink and Vanilla Cream Pie which is a light, baby pink.


Pink Parfait is the brighter of the two shades but it is no where near as opaque as the packaging would suggest. It’s a nicely vibrant boost of colour on the lips that’s perfect for those days where you want a ‘pick me up’ lip.


Vanilla Cream Pie is my favourite of the two, mainly because it’s strangely more opaque and gives a much better finish. The colour is absolutely beautiful because it’s light and easy to wear whilst giving the lips a much more plump feel.
I adore the consistency of these glosses, they are so comfortable on the lips and have a great amount of slip. No stickiness here kids! They last a good while considering they are glosses and I now wish I’d picked up more. Thankfully, you can get NYX online and I’ve heard they’re in some Next stores?
I’m really impressed with these and I’m sure I’ll be trying their other lip products in the future.
What is your favourite lip gloss?
Love, Kate xo
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