Nourishing Autumn Skincare

I was recently contacted on behalf of Fragrance Direct to take part in their blogger campaign for Nourishing Autumn Skincare! Of course, I absolutely jumped at the chance to try some new skin and body goodies and I received these beautiful products to review.
It’s safe to say that when the nights get that bit darker and the weather takes a nosedive, that our skin suffers tremendously and is in need of some definite TLC. I don’t think you can beat an evening spent pampering yourself in your dressing gown with a hot chocolate – who’s with me?
Whilst the weather may be a little strange at the moment, with the sun shining one minute and the rain pouring the next, it’s best to get ready for the colder months.
My body usually feels the brute force of the dry, harsh cold first so I want to make sure that my skin is in tip-top condition and is nourished well. I’m going to Australia in November and to be honest, the same thing applies when it comes to the hot weather too (maybe with a little less hydration).
I’ve recently gotten into salt scrubs as I’ve found they smooth my skin like nothing else before. If you’ve never tried salt brushing, you really ought to give it a whirl. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Case in point, Dead Sea Spa Magic Salt Brushing* which is basically a tub of salt crystals that buff the dead skin cells from your body, leaving the most delightfully soft skin. I find that these kind of scrubs are amazing for areas that just don’t seem to get super soft, in particular the backs of my legs. Maybe it’s all the ol’ cellulite that makes it hard to soften or maybe it’s laziness but the salt crystals work well to completely transform my legs. Alligator legs be gone! The salt is infused with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E to leave the skin extremely hydrated. What I will note about these crystals is that they can be a tad messy, so I’d recommend applying them in the shower before you actually turn on the water. That way any salt that flies off your body when you’re applying, can go safely down the plughole and not make the bathroom floor an ice rink. Y’all know I’m speaking from experience right?
To lock in that hydration and softness, I used the Decleor Aroma Confort Nourishing Body Milk (250ml)* which is a really luxurious body product to say the least. Though it is a very rich consistency, it is very easy to rub into the skin and a small amount goes a long way meaning that this bottle will last quite some time. The product is easy to dispense from this well sized bottle which would be a good size for travelling too. The product is paraben free and is perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. The ingredients make for a lovely, soft scent as there is Blackcurrent Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Kiwi and Orange Essential Waters, Chestnut Milk and Rose. My skin feels absolutely wonderful after using this, especially post-salt scrubbing.
For the face, the Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Mask* is a new product to me, I’d not heard of it before now. I’d say this is a good-skin in 5 minutes facial, as it really leaves the face with a beautiful, smooth and radiant complexion. What’s great about this product is that it is allergy tested and fragrance free so it isn’t going to irritate skin whether it’s extremely sensitive or not so it’s great for most skin types. The bottle is super-handy because it is a tube and you can dispense as much product as you require. I apply a generous amount across the face, avoiding the eye area and leave for 5 minutes. The texture is an odd one as it has a lotion consistency with a gritty, exfoliating texture as you apply it. The mask gives a white cast to the face and upon removing (either with your hands or a muslin cloth), you get a deep exfoliation that really works well, especially around the ol’ blackhead infected nose. I think seeing the difference in my pores/blackhead areas is my favourite part of this mask. My skin feels super radiant and boosted within no time at all and the product isn’t stripping or drying at all.
To add a toner into the mix, I used the Elemis Ginseng Tonerwhich, after using an Elemis toner before, came as no surprise that it was pretty darn lovely. This toner is extremely soothing on the skin and has a light, floral scent that I find really relaxing. I’ve found this balances my skin well, leaving it really hydrated and radiant. I’ve been one for skipping toners and I’m not too sure why! I apply this with a cotton pad on an evening and give my face a quick spritz in the morning.
So there you have it, 4 top-notch products to ensure your skin is looking in tip-top shape come the colder months!
Thanks to Fragrance Direct for asking me to take part in this campaign! I do hope you will check their site out, they have so many amazing brands for cheeky discounted prices. What’s not to love?
What’s your go-to winter skin and body product?


Love, Kate xo
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