I recently got my mitts on Jimmy Choo Flash and so I was super excited to try the latest offering, Exotic*. The packaging is a throwback to the original fragrance – thank god – as the packaging for Flash felt very cheap.
Exotic is not my usual choice of perfume as it is very sweet and youthful where as I prefer a deeper, muskier scent. That’s not to say it’s not a fun, summer fragrance because it is. One note really sticks out to me and that’s pink grapefruit which its a very marmite scent for me which I think is why this scent isn’t my favourite. It lasts well and I’d say it works well for both day and night.
Notes include passion flower, tiger orchid, patchouli and gourmand raspberry.
If sweet fragrances are your thing, then I’d definitely recommend giving this one a sniff.
What is your favourite summer fragrance?
Love, Katie xo
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