Go-To Products for Natural Make Up Days

I’ll be honest, it’s not often that I go for natural make up. I’m definitely the girl who takes a good 30+ minutes to slap her make up on in a morning – liner, highlight, lashes…the list is endless. However, that being said, I do often go for a much more subtle approach when it comes to lazy days off or sundays mainly veg’d on the sofa.

Base wise, I’ve been relying on the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream (£26) which I reach for when I’m having a good skin day or just want a small amount of coverage. I find this applies best with a dense buffing brush like the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush. It builds up to a nice, even coverage that looks incredibly natural. It is extremely light on the skin and adds a tonne of hydration without leaving me oily.
I can’t be without concealer and I recently picked up the Barry M Flawless Concealer in Light (£4.49) as I was curious to see if it was any good. I find it really lightweight without heavy coverage so I do tend to layer it over more heavy-duty concealer for most days but it works well for minimal make up. It blends seamlessly into the skin and adds a nice bit of radiance to the under eyes.

One thing I can’t really do ‘minimal’ is lashes. Minimal for me, is when I go sans falsies. I recently picked up the Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara (£18.50) after eyeing it for the longest time. The wand is a little scary as it’s so big and bobbly but it coats my lashes wonderfully, adding a load of length volume and curl without much effort. Bottom lash wise, it’s a little big but who cares when your lashes look pretty fab?
A little pop of colour is always necessary for minimal make up and I love the multi-purpose aspect of the Dr Paw Paw Tinted Peach Pink Lip Balm* (£6.99) as it’s a really wearable, flattering shade for both cheeks and lips. Infused with paw paw, olive and aloe vera, this balm is all natural and really nourishes my lips and cheeks. Finally, keeping with the cheek products, H&M Cream Blush in Sunny Peach (£6.99) is a beautiful and universally flattering shade which gives the skin a healthy glow and the formula is really nice. I’m not usually a cream blush kinda gal but this one really lasts without breaking up throughout the day.

What are your go-to minimal make up products?

Love, Kate xo