If you’ve been around these parts for some time, my love for all things NARS will come as no surprise.
So naturally, when the latest Audacious Lipstick line came out late last year, I spent many hours googling swatches and trying to decide which shade to go for when I eventually got round to buying one. Does anyone else do that – add something to a never ending list and when you get round to buying it, can’t decide on the shade? The struggle is real, yo.

Each of the 40 strong shades is named after a woman and I really love this idea. Although, there isn’t a Kate, so I’m a bit disappointed overall. I jest.
Finally, after using a few nDulge points at SpaceNK and spending a wee while deciding on my shade, the beautiful Brigitte found its way to my front door.
Let’s kick this thang off with the price – these lipsticks are a lot more expensive than the original line, almost £5 more. The original lipsticks are 3.4g and this line are 4.2g if we’re going to get into the “which is bigger” debate. I’ll be honest, I did hesitate for a while before buying one of these which is very unusual for me. It wasn’t so much the price but more, was the formula really any different to the original formula as both have a satin finish. The main difference I’ve noticed is that the Audacious lipsticks apply much easier than the original lipsticks, mainly because they are a lot smoother and more opaque. I don’t really have to worry about applying this as it doesn’t bleed and it gives a really even, fuss-free application.
I adore the formulation, it’s extremely comfortable first and foremost with a very lightweight feel. The colour is very much a case of as you see in the bullet will be as you see it on the lips, no messing.  The finish is satin but it is very much as long lasting as a matte so I’m really impressed with the wear time.
I picked Brigitte as it is a typical “Kate” colour choice, slightly pink, slightly nude and very wearable. Brigitte is described as a “nude rose” and I’d say that’s an accurate description although I’ve found it to be a lot more nude, with a slightly peach tone, on me. I suppose each shade is different on various skin tones, etc.
The packaging is majorly sleek and the magnetic lid is probably my favourite part. We love a good “click” when it comes to make up, don’t we?
I can definitely see myself adding a few more shades and I have my eye on a couple of the darker, more vampy shades (who am I?)
Have you tried any of the new NARS lipsticks?
Love, Kate xo
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