FASHION | Michael Kors for my birthday

For my birthday I was extremely lucky to be given a Michael Kors watch – i’d had my eye on one for quite some time. I’ve wanted a rose gold one and I didn’t want any sparkles, just straight up rose gold and as manly as possible.

 My Mum picked out the perfect one, the MK5128 and she managed to get it discounted via Amazon. Usually it retails for around the £200 mark (my Mum managed to get it for £147) and it’s been reduced further to £129.  I’m absolutely besotted with this watch, it’s chunky without being too heavy and just looks so luxe and chic. Definitely a love at first sight scenario going on here.
I did notice the other night that the hands actually glow in the dark – a touch I didn’t expect but really like about the watch.  The watch has the standard date section which is really handy when you’re not quite sure what day or date it is. As a natural blonde, this is a normal occurrence.  Size wise, I had to have 4 links removed as my wrists are quite thin (the thinnest part of my body) but that was really cheap to do (£4) at a local jewellers and they offered to put extras back in free of charge if needed. As I’m wearing the watch on a daily basis, it does need to be quite tight to my wrist to avoid it swinging about.
I really recommend these watches – they’re the perfect luxe addition to your jewellery collection but they’re also very practical and beautifully eye catching.
Love, Katie xo
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