Meet Virtual Domination from NARS



I find pre-ordering make up absolutely ridiculous, ludicrous even.

 However, I have pre-ordered twice in my make up loving life, both were for Christmas Collection NARS goodness. I mean, NARS are the Queens of blush aren’t they?

They don’t do blush palette’s like these very often and when they do you can bet your bottom dollar that they disappear into thin air before you’ve got chance to eye them up.
Well, this girl don’t mess around *sassy emoji*


Say hello to Virtual Domination, a beautiful Christmas offering from NARS. I bought last years Guy Bourdain One Night Stand Palette and as soon as I saw this years offering, my hands began twitching and I swiftly added it to my basket at Space NK. At £45 it’s not cheap but it’s most definitely worth the money.  Now, the main difference from last year is that there’s 5 powders instead of 6 – now don’t let that put you off – what I love the most is that the Laguna Bronzer is double the size and for that I can for go another blush.
(Clockwise L-R : Miss Liberty Highlight, Deep Throat Blush, Laguna Bronzer, Final Cut Blush & Sex Fantasy Blush)
Now, onto the other beautiful powders in the palette – there’s 3 blush shades and 1 highlight which means you’ve got a full cheek trifecta going on there. No two blush shades are alike which is great because you have a great mix of tone and colour to pick from.
The only permanent shade of the blushes is my favourite NARS blush, Deep Throat which is often overshadowed by Orgasm which boggles me as I really don’t rate it at all. I find it has too much glitter and fades to leave me looking a tad like a cheap disco ball. All the other NARS blushes I’ve tried have been fabulous so you can understand my issue with Orgasm being hailed as the best NARS Blush – it ain’t. Deep Throat is described as a “flirty, sheer peach” and to me, it is such an easy, go-to shade that just works with every make up look. Trust me, it’s the bee’s knee’s.
The other two blush shades are limited edition offerings – always good – Sex Fantasy is a “pale lavender pink” and Final Cut is a “peach coral” – both of these shades are beautiful and I’ve found myself reaching for Final Cut lots already. What is it with NARS and their smutty product names? It makes me snigger like a schoolgirl.
Finally, we have Miss Liberty highlighter which is a “soft shimmering peach” and adds a beautiful iridescence to the cheekbones.
This palette is perfect for travelling too – it’s nice and compact whilst still remaining a decent size. The blushes aren’t full size (when does that happen in a palette?) but they’re not far off.
Once again, super duper impressed with this offering from my favourite make up brand!
This palette is out on November 1st and I’m sensing a sell-out!
Are you a NARSissist?
Love, Kate xo
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