It wasn’t until about a year or so ago that I really started bothering with primers. Since then, I’ve found myself using them on a daily basis – whether it’s for longevity, luminosity or blurring imperfections. There’s a huge market for primers and it can get a little overwhelming when it comes to picking what’s best for you. I’ve found a little trial and error works well in the case of the primer and the drugstore is your playground.
A few months ago, I literally ran out of about three primers over the course of one week. This lead me to Boots and I ended up coming away with the Maxfactor Facefinity All-Day Primer. I mainly picked this because of the ‘all-day’ in the product name. In the warmer months, my slap literally falls off my grease ball face and I’m left wondering if I even remembered to apply my foundation that morning. Not my best look, I assure you.
I’ve been using this primer for a little while now and – despite the pump getting clogged often – I’m really enjoying doing so. This is a very lightweight, silicone based primer that blends into the skin with ease and doesn’t leave any white-cast over the face despite it’s milky colour. I don’t find this to be greasy on the skin at all which is top-marks in my book. It has an SPF of 20 which I need to test out with flash photography to see if there is any flashback or signs of the dreaded ‘ghost face‘.
I apply this post-moisturiser everyday and I’ve found that my make up stays in place come rain or shine and I couldn’t be more impressed with how much of a difference such a small amount of this primer can make. It’s a hefty size too, a generous 30ml which I know will last me a long while. I’m definitely packing this with me when I go to Australia later this year that’s for certain.
To prime or not to prime?
Love, Kate xo
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