I’ve been using Benefit’s They’re Real mascara for months, I instantly fell in love with it but a few weeks ago I decided to branch out and try new mascaras.
The first one I bought was Bourjois Fan-tastic Volume, which was okay but didn’t really fit the bill for me. As I’ve said before, I usually prefer fibre brushes to plastic (minus They’re Real) however after using this Maxfactor one I’m definitely coming round to the idea.
What intrigued me most about the mascara was the double sided wand – one side for lashings of mascara and the other to de-clump and fan the lashes out.
I love the instant volume and length this mascara gives me, however I do need more than one coat. Extra lashings must be done quickly as the mascara is very quick drying, I’ve tried to add more after but found it to be quite crispy once set.
My eyes look immediately wider and more defined, the mascara gives me just the right amount of definition that I need.
Have you tried this or similar?
Love, Katie xo
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