Mandara Spa is becoming quite popular in recent years, with the spa based brand popping up in Sainsbury’s making it easily accessible with your weekly shop!

What drew me to the brand is actually the price point – £6.00 for a 200ml tub or tube? That’s something I can easily get down with.
Now, I’ll be honest – I am the laziest sod for applying body butter, I only really do it when I’m not in a rush or when my skin is screaming out for some moisture. There’s nothing worse than trying to jump into your jeans post-buttering up. I say no more.
With Mandara Spa, they have two types of butters – the thicker, tub version and a lighter, squeezy tubed version. I think that’s great because you have an option – I’ve found many body butters that I love the scent of but they either overwhelm my skin or do nothing at all.
Lets start with the tub of Body Butter with Shea & Coconut* (£6.00) which is what I would use as a pamper, post-bath and night time treat. I love the scent of this and I think it’s my favourite of the two because I adore shea. It’s a thick consistency and does take some time to sink into the skin, hence my decision to apply at night. It leaves my skin feeling nourished and super soft in an intense way. I enjoy waking up feeling all soft and silky.
That being said, I think the Body Butter Light with Mango & Coconut*(£6.00), the lighter of the two is actually my favourite. I much prefer the consistency as it sinks into my skin quickly but does not lose that nourishing quality that the thicker one has. Whilst I do prefer the other scent, this is still lovely and much easier to use on a daily basis. Plus, it takes less time to put my jeans on which is always a bonus!
Are you a fan of thicker or lighter body creams?
Love, Kate xo
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