Makeup Melting with Ole Henriksen


I’m pretty lazy when it comes to removing my make up. I like something which breaks down my make up, melting it off with ease. A lot of my cleansers just don’t fit that mold. It’s a matter of removing my eye makeup and then going in for a double duty cleanse. Not that I don’t like a double cleanse but you get my lazy thought process.


That’s where the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser (£24)* comes into play. This 3-in-1 cleanser is unlike anything I’ve used before and works incredibly well at breaking down my makeup, even eyeliner and mascara can’t survive it.
It begins as a orange gel that once you begin working it into dry skin, transforms into a nourishing oil which effortlessly breaks down even the most stubborn make up. It feels incredibly luxurious and richly nourishing but without being heavy. Then by adding a splash of water, it emulsifies into a milk to keep the skin soft and with a super hydrated feel. I finish the process by using a hot flannel to get rid of any remaining product and then pat my face dry.
The cleanser has many fantastic ingredients with Vitamin C (to brighten), Rosehip Oil (for repairing and nourishing the skin) and Virgin Cherry Oil (filled with anti-oxidants for targeting redness and boosting hydration) to name but a few. I’ve found this is nourishing enough not to clog up oily skin and so it would work well for drier skins too. My skin can be quite sensitive and I’ve had no issues with this cleanser at all.

This is my first (hopefully of many) Ole Henriksen outing and I’m so impressed that I’d love to try some other bits from the line. Whilst it’s not the cheapest cleanser on the market, it truly feels luxurious and works incredibly well plus you get a hefty 118ml for your pennies. This cleanser is exclusive to Selfridges and is available now.

What’s your favourite cleanser? 

Love, Kate xo

*PR sample